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Big life changes are hard. So take a buddy.

Meet us

My name is Brittany. That handsome devil next to me is my ever patient and wonderful husband, Manny. Together we face whatever challenges life presents us.

Recently we’ve noticed feeling sluggish and just weighed down by, well, our weight. So we decided to do something about it!

Although this blog was originally about living on a shoestring budget, hence the name, it has since turned into a keto cooking blog/ whatever pops into my crazy head. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? So let’s change some things and document the process.

Blog Posts

Fresh from the Kitchen

  • Try. Fail. Try again. Fail Better.
    It feels terribly appropriate that I tried to search this quote to give credit to the creator only to be unable to find this exact quote. The only quote I could find was a very… More
  • So it begins…
    Holy toledo! What a week! There is so much to share so I’m just gonna jump right in and get on with it! The week was jam-packed with activities! There was a small Mother’s Day… More
  • A day of self-care
    Today is my self-appointed self-care day. It feels so silly to feel so run down but as my wise husband reminded me this morning, world events can really take it out of you. We are… More