A day of self-care

Today is my self-appointed self-care day.

It feels so silly to feel so run down but as my wise husband reminded me this morning, world events can really take it out of you. We are lucky enough to have been able to work through the covid-19 pandemic. We both work at a nursing home so we have a good amount of job security. But going to work with the ever changing CDC and MDHS recommendations can make it stressful. The admin at our job likes to implement new changes on Fridays at 2 pm… my guess is so they don’t have to actually deal with it until Monday… but what do I know. We’ll see what new ppe or procedure they’ll put in place tomorrow when we go to work.

All things considered though Manny and I are quite blessed. That said, we’re not impervious to stress. Manny usually deals with his by powering down his brain for a little bit and gaming or if it’s bad enough he talks it through with me. I’m a little different. I can talk it through til I’m blue in the face… and sometimes I feel like that’s exactly what I do but stress seems to have a very physical toll on me. I get so very tired and achy. Cliche as this sounds, the best self-care for me is a bath and a nap. So, even though I got perfectly adequate sleep last night, I’m still tired so I’m going to take a nap. When I wake up I’ll take a bath and work out some of the kinks in my muscles.

With states beginning to loosen up regulations the world seems to be preparing to go back to some semblance of normal and yet so much feels completely changed. Between all the PPE we wear at work and the need to wear masks in public, the world feels like a very changed place even though the changes have been fairly small. I’m not sure I can take much more inflammatory news media on top of all the changes at work. All the stress gets carried squarely in my back and neck. The end result has been headaches, lack of sleep, extra soreness from tense muscles. There have been some practical things we could do to help all of this. Badly in need of one, we bought a new bed that sleeps like a dream. We also ordered new shoes for at work. A good foundation helps with all the rest. And of course, we’re gearing up to start keto this next week.

This has been our last week of eating the standard american diet, starting Monday we go keto. Sunday night we’re going to go to our local 24 hr grocery and stock up on what we need. We like to shop in the middle of the night as there are considerably less people out and about and we’re up that late anyway so why not! I’ve been working on our shopping list. It’ll be a pricey trip but in the end I think feeling good in our bodies will be worth it.

I know there wasn’t a ton of new stuff in this one and I went completely without any hints or tips today but I hope this post was enjoyable to read and finds you all well. Feel free to drop a comment with anything you’d like to see in the future. Much love and as always take care and God bless!

Anxiety Sucks

Can we get real for a minute? I’mma get real for a minute.

I always said if I had something like this I’d keep it very down to earth and real about things that people deal with. Zero shaming. So I wanna get real for a minute about anxiety and I’ll start off by saying I have it. Pretty bad. But I have high functioning anxiety for the most part and am usually able to still get through daily life.

I was a little ball of anxious energy when I was working. Now that I’m not I’ve managed to come back to a little more of an even keel but instead of having the constant anxiety I was experiencing while working I’m now struggling with intense bouts of anxiety over Covid-19 and everything this means for me and the world. I can’t imagine I’m the only one feeling this way either. Because the world is very uncertain right now.

The world is sick right now. People are dying. Economies are tanking. It is impossible to speculate just what this could mean for the future but as impossible as it is to speculate, it seems even more impossible not to. The best experts say that hard economic times are ahead of us. But what exactly does that mean? And me without a job, does that mean I’ll even be able to get one after all this is over?

A little closer to home, I had to cancel my wedding and reception. We’re still going to get married, we’re just going to do it quietly but we need to find out if we can get a marriage license, and our pastor has potentially been contaminated and needs to be quarantined. My anxious mind can’t help but run over all of these things and view them as impossibilities. And then because why would anxiety only focus on one thing, it starts to wonder what would happen if one of us got sick. I want the right to be informed and I want Manny to have the right to be informed should either of us get sick.

There is no knowing about the future, not here in my own back yard or globally. But as Manny always tells me, we need to focus in on what we can change. Manny sent me this and it helped me tremendously so I’ll share it with you. Credits on the image.

I know I can’t be the only one struggling right now. If anxiety’s got you down, just remember God is in control. We will get through this. If we all focus on what we can do, we’ll get through this. And whatever comes after, we’ll get through that too. As always, friends, take care and God bless.