What’s new and what’s coming…

I have been absolutely absentee since going back to work! I’m so sorry! Finding time to write when it isn’t automatically carved out for you is a lot harder than I expected. So here’s what’s coming with that. I finally got my permanent schedule for work and I should always have Thursdays off by myself. So you know what that makes Thursdays right? Blog day!

Last time I mentioned that Blue (our computer) had one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. Well, he bit the big one. Given how much I write though we decided a computer was a necessary expenditure. So we got a new laptop! Yay! I’m still getting used to the keyboard bu it’s so nice to have a computer that actually works the way it’s supposed to!

And lastly, we did a thing this weekend! We had been very bummed out about having to cancel our wedding and reception due to Covid-19. Of course that wasn’t going to stop us but it was sad to watch months worth of planning go down the drain with no more finesse than dirty bath water. So this weekend we were able to get the stars to align; my parents were off quarantine and our pastor was available so we decided to just do it and on Sunday we got married!

My parent’s (especially my mom) went above and beyond and created the most amazingly beautiful set up for us to get married. They decorated the house, mom made us a lovely meal and a delicious cheesecake, and even put together a bouquet and boutonnieres. It was the smallest wedding imaginable, with only my parents, the pastor, and of course Manny and I. But you know what? It was extremely special and we’ll never forget it, that’s for sure.

With that, I’ll just say more to come soon and as always, take care and God bless!